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Town Hall Use

The Town Hall was constructed to serve the residents of Roosevelt Township by providing a facility conducive to the conduct of public business. Since public funds made these facilities possible, the residents of Roosevelt Township are encouraged to use the Town Hall.

To use the Town Hall, please read the Policy below.

Print & complete the Agreement.  Mail or scan & email the completed Agreement to Bonnie Orton, Clerk:  24561 Williams Rd., Hillman, MN   56338, rsvlt@brainerd.net 

Questions?  Email or Call Bonnie at 320-247-2105

Transfer Station Use

The Transfer station is available for disposing of yard roughage only; such as weeds, leaves, small limbs & branches.


It will be opened by appointment only. Please send your request to rsvlt@brainerd.net or call Bonnie at 320-247-2105 or

Chris at 218-764-2334.

Notices & Events

Have a Notice or an Event to promote?

Post it on the Town Bulletin Board,  & on this website.  You can send or email it to the Clerk for posting.

 Send to:  Bonnie Orton, Clerk

             24561 Williams Rd

             Hillman, MN   56338



Military Wall of Honor

All area Veterans and active military & families are invited to display their picture and information on the Wall of Honor.

Send any or all of the following information to the Clerk to be framed & displayed:

Picture, name, rank, branch of service, dates of service, unit, division, etc., location of service, medals or service awards, special duties, highlights, achievements.