Take Care of Older Dogs

Adopt an Older DogWe have lived in Roosevelt Township for many years and have formed quite a bond with the local animal organizations. One of the biggest problems facing animals in our township is the care of older dogs. Many of these pets are being turned out or not receiving the correct care. We have put this site together to share some tips on caring for your elderly canine.

If you are shopping for a pet please think about adopting an older dog. It would mean the world to them and help keep some of these animals from overloading local shelters. The section below provides more information.

Adopting An Older Dog

Thinking about bringing a new pet into your life?

Consider adopting an older dog. They love to snuggle and snooze. Best of all, seniors already know bones are for chewing and backyards are for eliminating. But before you sign the adoption papers, consider how this pet will impact your life.

At the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs in Cleveland, Ohio, the staff urges potential owners to think about the time and care commitment involved.

“We try to stress that it’s not that much different from a dog of any other age,” says volunteer Deborah Workman.

Other things to contemplate include:

Life Span. Dogs already live such short lives. And, in fact, it may be the only real downside to ownership. With an older animal, the time you have together is much shorter.

Health: Older dogs tend to have more health problems. Do you have the financial resources and extra time needed to care for an ill animal?

Patience: A six month adjustment period may be needed.

“It takes a little longer for a senior dog to really settle in and become part of the routine,” says Workman. “People have to be willing to give them a chance.”

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